Festival takes place every third year. Next festival is in 2016 – and the preparations have already begun. If your groups is interested in participating in our festival. Please write us an email at info@triangle-folklore.dk

The first Triangle Folklore Festival took place in Trekantsområdet, Vejle, Kolding and Fredericia i 1995.

The initiative to the festival came from the dance group Rejseholdet, a group of young dancers and musicians, who have travelled around the world showing Danish folk dance and folk music. During their travels, they received a lot of inquiries regarding Danish festivals, and therefore the first Triangle Folklore Festival was planned together with local folk dance groups in Trekantsområdet. The festival has subsequently been held 6 times in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and last time in 2013.

All festivals have had the participation of some fantastic folklore groups from around the world, who with their festive and colourful displays have been dancing in the streets to the delight of the population in the area.

The main event of the festivals is the Gallashows, which have taken place in Vejle Musikteater, Kolding Teater, Århus Musikhus, Odense Musikhus and in 2013 a Gallashow was held in Herning Kongrescenter and Sønderborg Koncerthus for the first time. The time will tell where the shows will take place in 2016.