In order to plan and run such a big event, we need a large crowd of volunteers, who will offer their time and expertise during the festival. In addition to that we have the festival’s support group Triangle Folklore Festival Friends, which is an association with over 100 members who make themselves available to the extent possible. But there is always a need for more hands, so we will here tell you about the tasks that will be used to help during the festival.


Each group has assigned two guides who help them throughout the festival. The guides ensure that the participants are in the right places, they solve any problems that might appear during the festival – and in general help to ensure that the groups have a good impression of Denmark and the Festival. As a guide for a group you get incredibly close to the group and this can create some real good and long-standing friendships. As a guide you need to be reasonably good at English or any other language e.g. Spanish, that might be needed. As a guide, we can guarantee you a fantastic experience.


In order to provide meals for about 500 people during a festival week needs a very good team of kitchen personal. Some of the tasks are: baking bread, cooking dinner, serve the food take out the dishes and clean them, among a lot of other things.

It starts early with preparing breakfast. After breakfast the participants make their own lunches.

At the end of the day when the participants returns home after the day’s program with either appearances or sightseeing, the dinner is served. During the evening coffee, tea and cake will be served. After the gala shows when the performers come home late, a midnight snack will be served. In general there are plenty of tasks in the kitchen.


This is also one of the major tasks during the festival. The task could be: to put tables and chairs up in the dining hall, decorate the workshop hall, transporting materials to the various events, building the stages, laying dance floor and much more.

Another important task is the technical group which ensures that there is a sound system at all show locations – and make sure there is the right sound and light to the 3 big gala shows.